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[ interactive media ]

touchy feely stuff

StringLite can turn your presentations into interactive audio-visual experiences through the use of music, voice-over, video and animation. Our focus is always on making projects as dynamic as possible and allowing you to change the content yourself.

Interactive presentations are ideal for conferences, exhibitions, CD/DVD/Memory Stick leave-behinds or as dynamic sales tools for your sales force.

We can create dynamic screensavers, year-end awards-event presentations, updateable product catalogues, training applications... just about anything which is interactive and needs to be flexible or scalable.

These presentations can be delivered on MAC/PC desktop/laptop, CD/DVD, memory stick or touch-screen kiosk.

ABSA Corporate Wear CD Catalogue

StringLite worked with Indicate Brand Managers and Jade Corporate Clothing to create an interactive corporate wear catalogue for ABSA.

Employees can login, enter their sizes, select and order their corporate clothing using the CD catalogue. They can view garment combinations by dressing a model and can choose from over 300 garments. Only garments which are available in the specified sizes display in the selection.

The catalogue controls minimum quantity orders, clothing subsidies, loan amounts, special orders and maximum garment orders. All the information is updatable.


This is an interactive product catalogue for AEL which they can use/view on a laptop/PC, touch screen kiosk or burn to CD. It has set audio visual sections and a dynamic product section. AEL can add or remove products as required and can therefore give specific clients customised catalogues. Product documents and videos can also easily be added or removed.

StringLite managed the entire process from script writing, voice-over selection, recording and designing to programming.


We have created a few year-end presentations for OKS which can either be controlled by a speaker or run automatically from start to finish. Both options can include music, voice-over, videos and animation.